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    Zoom Player Max 7


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    Zoom Player Max 7

    Post by OXIGEN on Tue Nov 10, 2009 11:04 pm

    [b]Zoom Player is the most Powerful, Flexible and Customizable DVD and
    Media Player for the Windows PC platform. Using our powerful Smart Play
    technology, more image, audio and video media formats play with less
    hassle, increased stability and better performance.
    Zoom Player was originally conceived to fill a void in Multimedia
    playback. Prior to Zoom Player, playing media files on the PC was
    either overly simplistic for the Power User or overly cryptic to the
    common user. Zoom Player tries to both simplify the playback experience
    for the common user, while giving the Power Users all the tools and
    interfaces they may require to manipulate their playback environment to
    their exact specification. To that end, Zoom Player employs a slick and
    simple user interface, combined with easy to access features while at
    the same time providing advanced control dialogs over every feature

    Zoom Player was designed from the ground up to load quick, take as
    little system resources as possible, provide user feedback/direction as
    appropriate and maintain as much isolation from other applications and
    system components as not to undermine overall stability.

    Home Theater PC made Simple.
    Zoom Player's fullscreen navigation interface is based on a simple
    5-Key system (up/down/left/right/select). The 5-key system allows easy
    access and navigation to such interfaces as Media Library, File
    Browsing, Playlist, Color Control, Audio Equalizer, Chaptering, Play
    History and many more. The system's simplicity makes it ideal for users
    with no previous computer experience.
    With Zoom Player, you can instantly Convert any PC into a Home
    Entertainment Center or Home Theater PC (HTPC) with no requirement for
    specialized hardware or operating system (Zoom Player runs on every
    version of Windows).
    Utilizing Zoom Player's modular design and flexibility, you can easily
    design a safe viewing environment, limiting or extending functionality,
    making it ideal for both children and to the consummate professional.

    Forward Thinking
    Zoom Player's Install Center will scan your system for missing or
    outdated components and automatically present you with a list of
    recommended updates and patches. Using Zoom Player's Install Center
    technology, you can be sure your system is up to date with the most
    recent technological innovations without compromising security (all
    updates are digitally signed) while gaining access to a centralized
    location, removing the burden of manually searching for the latest
    updates yourself.

    Technology meets Sophistication
    Zoom Player installs easily, learning your computer's hardware and
    software setup. Using the innovative Smart Play technology, Zoom Player
    employs the ideal "play profile" for every session. This profile
    comprises the most suitable Audio and Video decoders matched with
    compatible components - a combination that guarantees a perfect viewing
    experience, time after time.

    A tool for every need
    Zoom Player addresses every aspect of DVD and Media control. Zoom
    Player plays media in every conceivable color composition, display
    type, playback speed and more. With Zoom Player you can create and
    manage personalized Media Libraries, virtual Chaptering and Bookmarks,
    cut and edit scenes with the Scene Cut Editor. Zoom Player employs
    customizable display characteristics and user defined presets, allows
    to Remote-Control all menu, navigation and playback functions via
    wireless (RF) or Infra-Red (IR) Remote Control units, and comes ready
    with a set of TCP/IP Commands to allow control of Zoom Player via the
    internet (or any TCP/IP based connection).

    Customize, Modify, Reshape as you like
    Use Zoom Player's flexible customization options to match your taste.
    Modify the Graphical User Interface, menus and splash screens. Change
    operation modes, control options, codec compatibility and many other
    features. Don't compromise. Make the system meet your EXACT needs.
    Shape your desired viewing environment with ease using Zoom Player's
    modular design and flexibility. Extend or limit functionality as you
    wish. Personalize the interface, functions and viewing parameters to
    suit any type of use, any viewer - from a simple, safely monitored,
    children-friendly viewing tool to a sophisticated, no-limits powerhouse
    for professionals.

    Flavors for All
    Zoom Player comes in three flavors: Zoom Player Standard, the entry
    level but feature-rich version. Zoom Player Professional, which
    includes all the most powerful and flexible features plus DVD playback.
    And Zoom Player WMV Professional, which handles playback of
    rights-protected media (DRM).

    Supported Media Formats

    DVD, AVI, QuickTime (MOV), XVID, DIVX, Windows Media (WMV/ASF), Flash
    Video (FLV), Flash (SWF), Cellphone 3GPP (3GP), Ogg Movie (OGM), Real
    Media (RM/RMVB), VideoCD (VCD), Super VideoCD (SVCD), MPEG (MPG), MPEG2
    Program (M2V/VOB), MPEG2 Transport (TS/TP/TSP/TRP/M2T/PVA), MPEG4
    (SP/ASP), MPEG4 AVC (H.264), MPEG4 ISO (MP4), Matroska (MKV), Media
    Center DVR (DVR-MS), VP3, VP6, Digital Video (DV), Motion JPEG (MJPEG),

    MP3, Windows Media (WMA), Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), OGG Vorbis
    (OGG), SHOUTcast (Streaming), Free Lossless Audio CODEC (FLAC),
    CD-Audio (CDA), Dolby Digital (AC3), Digital Theatre Surround (DTS),
    LPCM, Monkey Audio (APE), Real Media (RA), MusePack (MPC), OptimFROG
    (OFR), Shorten (SHN), True Audio (TTA), WavPack (WV), Apple Lossless
    Audio Coding (ALAC), MIDI, Matroska (MKA), Wave Audio (WAV), MO3, IT,
    XM, S3M, MTM, MOD, UMX.


    DVD, Flash (SWF), HTML.

    Zoom Player Home MAX
    If you are a serious, no-compromise user looking for pure playback
    perfection, total control of your media files, the latest in video and
    audio processing technologies and the maximum flexibility in usage and
    configuration, then Home Edition Max is your choice!

    Zoom Player Home Premium
    Home Edition Premium is a step up from Professional and comes with a
    host of additional features such as DVD Password Protected Parental
    Control, full DRM Support, Closed captions, Scene-cut editing, Display
    over multiple monitors, Enhanced playlist management, Safe navigation
    mode, File download tracker and many more.

    Zoom Player Home Professional
    Home Edition Professional takes you to professional domain: it adds
    full DVD playback and control, offers extensive media and fullscreen
    navigation control functions.

    Zoom Player Business Edition DS
    Created specifically for serving Digital Signage applications. It can
    process and display any combination of media files in any screen
    formation. Business Edition DS can address any type of display from
    indoors screens to outdoors electronic billboards and it can use one or
    multiple display areas concurrently on one screen or across a cluster
    of screens. Business Edition DS offers unparalleled performance,
    perfect stability under any condition and the level of stability and
    support you need for professional Digital Signage projects.

    Zoom Player Business Edition MC
    Zoom Player MC is the perfect media processing, playback, control and
    management software for entertainment PCs, from high grade Media
    Centers to top-notch Home Theater PC Applications. It offers perfect
    reliability and delivers the performance level, usability and
    configuration flexibility that were part of the best, high-cost
    professional entertainment hardware-only gear just recently. Business
    Edition MC is the ideal engine to drive your MC or HTPC products and
    your next entertainment project!

    Zoom Player Business Edition FLEX
    Zoom Player FLEX is the ultimate, all-inclusive toolset for
    professional users who will not compromise on power, performance or
    features and demand the best in all categories. This "Swiss Army Knife"
    for media processing, display and management combines all the best and
    most powerful features, functionality, playback and display options,
    configuration options and navigation interfaces found in MC and DS

    Installation Notes:
    1. UnRar
    2. Install and Close Program (Install Professional, Premium or Max Editions to suit your needs)
    3. Copy Patch and Keygen from BRD folder to Installation folder (C:\\Program Files\\Zoom Player)
    4. Run patch (then click on Patch Button)
    5. Run Keygen (then click on Generate Button)
    (On Vista or Win 7 Run Patch and Keygen as Administrator)
    Enjoy !!!!


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